How to write a post

Notice that posting is normally restricted to DARK members!

This page describes how to write a post or project page for DARK’s homepage. For a detailed description please refer to the online documentation for Jekyll and Skinny Bones.

The following is just a brief overview of some Markdown features.

Text should be submitted in Markdown format. Several online Markdown preview tools are available, such as Markdown Dingus. See markdown-tools for an overview.

I would highly recommend the Markdown cheat sheet as a quick reference. Remember that Markdown does not specify styling such as fonts etc., this is left to the Cascading Style Sheets. Thus the contents are seperated from the styling, ensuring a consistent styling across all pages, posts and projects.

The following pictures should be included:

  • A “teaser” picture used in “Project” or “Blog” listings. Its size should be H ∗ W = 400px ∗ 250px.
  • An author picture with size H ∗ W = 160px ∗ 160px (if not supplied previously).

Other pictures and images should preferably be in “wide screen” format such as 1:1.6 height to width ratio. In order to reduce load times, the width should be limited to 1200px and the jpg format should be used if applicable.

A recommended picture and image format is H ∗ W = 640px ∗ 1024px.

If a picture needs to be cropped and scaled to size, an application such as GIMP can be used:

  • Import the image using Open….
  • Crop the image to correct height to width ratio using the Rectangle Select and Crop to Selection tools.
  • Then scale the image to desired resolution using the Scale Image command.
  • Finally export the image to in the jpg format using the Export As… command, please use “jpg” instead of “JPG” file extension.

A very short Markdown primer:

Include a picture, notice the leading “!” (any submitted images will be placed in the images folder):




Include a link:

[Nozzle prototype](


Nozzle prototype

Include a YouTube video:

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


This Markdown file can be found here, notice that it is zipped to prevent Jekyll from processing it.

Updated: 2016-08-13