DARK's response to proposed new Danish law about activities in outer space

A new law, Lov om aktiviteter i det ydre rum - Law about activities in outer space - has been proposed in Denmark and DARK has written a response to the lawmakers.

Despite the reference to outer space in the title of the proposed law it may affect future activities of DARK even at low altitude. The reason for this is section §21.5 of the proposed law which states the the provisions of the law may also apply for altitudes lower than outer space.

While it may be argued that activities by Danish entities in outer space hitherto have remained unregulated this has not been the case for rocket flight at lower altitude.

For four decades DARK has carried out its experimental work (including static test of rocket motors and and dynamic testing of rockets) in closed military facilities. Access to these facilities and permission to test rocket hardware was obtained only after a lengthy process involving more than eight different public entities - because substantial regulation already exists for this kind of activity.

The Danish government has a stated ambition: That the impact of regulation on private initiative should be minimized. Given that rocket testing in Denmark already has substantial administrative overhead in practice it seems superfluous and indeed counterproductive to impose yet another layer of regulation for rocketry in Denmark below outer space.

DARK’s response to the proposed law (in Danish) may be found here.